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By Dimakatso Modipa

MKYL national media and communication Nkateko Mkhabela
MKYL national media and communication Nkateko Mkhabela

The Umkhonto We Sizwe Youth League (MKYL) has expressed its rejection of expelled party founder and registrar Jabulani Khumalo.

“We won’t be led by a fly-by-night individual,” said the Youth League in a statement sent to Tshwane Talks on Tuesday by its Media and Communications officer Nkateko Mkhabela.

“As young people the majority of us have aligned ourselves with the MK Party because of its leadership under Jacob Zuma,” read Mkhabela’s statement.

Mkhabela then adds in the statement that they, as the party’s Youth League had no knowledge of the expelled Jabulani Khumalo or any contributions he may have made towards the liberation of the country or the youth and impoverished individuals.

“We outrightly reject Khumalo and any affiliates associated with him as we vehemently refuse and reject to be led by a fly-by-night individual,” said Mkhabela in the aforesaid statement.

“Khumalo’s attempts to hinder our ongoing revolution will not succeed regardless of any support he may receive as he won’t be able to challenge the steadfast leadership of our esteemed, gallant president Jacob Mhlanganyelwa Zuma,” said Mkhabela.

“And neither would he (Khumalo) be able to wage a war against the marginalided and patriotic citizens of our nation,” he said.

Mkhabela cautioned Khumalo and his ” dimwitted associates” against undermining Zuma and consequently the party’s collective struggle for economic empowerment.

MKYL tirade against Khumalo follows a letter dated 05 May, which Khumalo submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) wherein he urged the national election institution to disqualify Zuma as the party’s presidential candidate and also remove his face on the ballot paper.

According to the widely circulated letter, Khumalo opines that his so-called expulsion from the party that he personally founded and registered with the IEC is invalid.

In the letter, Khumalo is emphatic that Zuma expelled him from the party without following procedures prescribed by the constitution of the party.

Khumalo also asserts that Zuma came to be the face of the party on the ballot paper and also as the party’s presidential candidate by using fraudulent means.

Quick research on the matter indicates that Khumalo registered the party in September 2023 and was expelled from the selfsame party on 26 April 2024.

Meanwhile chances of Khumalo getting Zuma to be disqualified by the IEC look slim, this as the election body has indicated that it can only take instructions from party leaders and that since Khumalo is not the party’s leader, his request won’t be entertained

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