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By Peter Mothiba

DA Federal leader John Steenhuisen addressing his supporters at the Eersterust Community Hall in Tshwane
DA Federal leader John Steenhuisen addressing his supporters at the Eersterust Community Hall in Tshwane

“The Doomsday Coalition is a clear and present danger, and it is taking shape as we speak,” warned DA’s Federal leader John Steenhuisen amidst pomp and ceremony at the Eersterust Community Hall in Tshwane on Wednesday evening.

The occasion was the Tshwane leg of Steenhuisen’s ” Rescue South Africa Tour,” which will see him visiting various municipalities in the country to woo voters to put their crosses next to his face come 29 May 2024 general elections.

“The Doomsday Coalition” referred to here, according to Steenhuisen, is an alliance between RET radicals in the ANC, the EFF and Jacob Zuma’s MK Party.

Addressing about 1 300 supporters and well-wishers, Steenhuisen said the aforesaid coalition was confirmed by EFF leader Julius Malema, who recently made it clear that he was willing to give his votes to the ANC on condition that the ANC appointed his deputy Floyd Shivambu as Minister of Finance.

An irked Steenhuisen then pointed out that Shivambu is currently embroiled in the infamous VBS scandal.

Other conditions put forward by Malema in exchange for giving his votes to the ANC, according Steenhuisen, are the expropriation of land without compensation and the nationalisation of banks and mines.

Steenhuisen said he saw this coalition coming from miles away and that’s why he had initiated the establishment of the Multi-Party Charter to thwart the advent of the Doomsday government.

“In this election we face a choice between two futures,” enthused Steenhuisen.

DA supporters at the Eersterust Community Hall in Tshwane
DA supporters at the Eersterust Community Hall in Tshwane

“On the one hand is a future under the Doomsday Coalition government whereby South Africa will descend into the same chaos we see in other countries like Venuzuela and Zimbabwe, which have implemented EFF policies like land expropriation without compensation,” he said.

“On the other hand, we face a government under the Multi-Party Charter with the DA as the big, strong anchor party that brings a track record of experience to the table,” explained Steenhuisen.

He lamented the fact that the contest between the Multi-Party Charter and what he calls the Doomsday Coalition has led to the formation of small, mercenary parties that seek to exploit the situation, this in order to get the best deal for themselves from either the Doomsday Coalition or the Multi-Party Charter.

According to Steenhuisen, the “mercenary” parties are playing the major contestants against each other.

“These mercenary parties masquerade as opposition but have long-since chosen to align themselves with the Doomsday Coalition rather than the Multi-Party Charter,” he said.

Steenhuisen went to great lengths explaining that should the DA be voted into power nationally, then it would directly export the success of the Western Cape government to all the provinces of the country.

“For thirty years we all voted to form the strongest possible opposition against the ANC, but in this election, for the first time ever, we are voting to win,” he said.

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