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By Peter Mothiba

The EFF in Tshwane is demanding that the Speaker and the City manager of Tshwane Metro Municipality must immediately release a report which the party says implicates Deputy Mayor Dr Nasiphi Moya in acts of wasteful expenditure and theft.

“In a letter dated 18 January 2024, the EFF posed crucial questions to the Deputy Mayor regarding her activities during her tenure as Chief of Staff in the office of then mayor Stephens Mokgalapa,” said the Red Berets’ Tshwane Regional leader Obakeng Ramabodu in a media statement sent to Tshwane Talks.

According to Ramabodu, the said questions touched on matters of transparency, accountability and compliance with the Municipal Finance Management Act.

Ramabodu said the as yet unreleased report would indicate that Dr Moya incurred expenses totaling one hundred and sixty-five thousand rand nine hundred and forty rand for a trip to Saudi Arabia which she failed to embark upon.

Ramabodu added that the report would also show that Dr Moya received ten thousand rand (R10 000) in pocket money for the trip she aborted.

“The content of the report would raise concern about
accountability and transparency in the use of public funds by City of Tshwane officials,” he said.

“As a party committed to upholding the principles of good governance and fiscal responsibility, we believe it is imperative for public officials to be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct,” said Ramabodu.

“The EFF emphasizes the importance of a thorough investigation and appropriate action in cases of unauthorised, irregular and wasteful expenditure.

Ramabodu told Tshwane Talks that the EFF trusts that both the Speaker and the City manager of Tshwane Metro Municipality would uphold the principles of openness and accountability by releasing the report for public scrutiny.

“The residents of Tshwane deserve honest, responsible leadership and we remain committed to advocating for a government that serves the best interests of the people,” said Ramabodu.

He emphasized that the EFF stands firm in its commitment to rooting out corruption and upholding the rule of law without exception.

“Regardless of one’s prestigious educational credentials or lofty titles, individuals engaging in criminal behaviour will be held accountable for their actions,” he said.

Ramabodu enthused that the EFF would not tolerate any form of corruption or malfeasance and that those found guilty of these charges will face the full might of the law.

“Our resolve to ensure justice and transparency in governance remains unwavering and we will continue to champion the principles of integrity and accountability in all spheres of public life,” said Ramabodu.

Dr Nasiphi Moya, who is a member of ActionSA, was elected as City of Tshwane Deputy Mayor in late January 2024, much to the dislike of opposition parties like the EFF and the ANC. (

The two opposition parties still opine that the position of the deputy mayor is superfluous and a waste of money at a time the City of Tshwane finds itself in financial doldrums.

The two parties claim that the position was created to appease ActionSA, which is a leading party together with the DA in the coalition government that is at the helm of the City of Tshwane.

Although Dr Moya paid back the said ten-thousand-rand pocket money in early February 2024, the EFF still insists that a detailed report of what actually happened in this matter must be released by the Council Speaker Mncedi Mdzwanana and City manager Johaan Mettler

Dr Moya told Tshwane Talks that she would respond to this matter once the Speaker announced his recommendations.

The office of the City manager referred Tshwane Talks to the office of the Speaker regarding the release of the report, but the latter had not responded to queries by Tshwane Talks at the time of publication of this story.

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