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By Dimakatso Modipa

Newly member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Ntsako Mogobe
Newly member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Ntsako Mogobe

The ANCYL congratulates the Gauteng ANC Chairperson, Cde Panyaza Lesufi for his deployment as the Premier of Gauteng and the Treasurer, Cde Morakane Mosupyoe for being elected as the Speaker.

This strategic decision reflects the importance of working collaboratively with other political parties to
effectively lead the 7th Administration and build upon the achievements of the 6th Administration towards improving the quality of life for the people of Gauteng.

The ANCYL acknowledges and honors the Youth of 1976, who courageously stood steadfast against the apartheid regime that marginalized black people from South Africa’s economy and cultural heritage.

The regime forced South Africans to live as denizens in their land. We will always pay tribute to salute the youth of 1976 for embodying resistance during the peak of apartheid when efforts were made to impose Afrikaans cultural dominance by using it as a medium of instruction for essential subjects in schools. This was an attempt to erase African linguistic heritage.

As we commemorate the youth of 1976, ANCYL Gauteng extends its congratulations to Convenor Ntsako Mogobe, Deputy Convenor Vuyiswa Jentile, ANC Ekurhuleni Deputy Coordinator Moipone Mhlongo for being deployed as Members of the Provincial Legislature, and ANCYL NEC members Inathi Mbiyo and Fasiha Hassan for being given the responsibility to represent young people in the National Assembly.

This signifies a significant step towards enhancing the representation of young people in Gauteng.

It is noteworthy that the youth demographic in Gauteng constitutes 28.6% of the total population of more than 17 million, reflecting both substantial growth in migration patterns and inward immigration trends.

Youth is considered the cornerstone of our nation, and allocation of resources towards youth development yields far-reaching benefits compared to neglecting this crucial investment in the young population of Gauteng.

The province remains the primary economic hub, responsible for approximately 34% of the GDP, to drive sustained economic growth hinges on strategic investments in youth empowerment and development.

To effectively empower the youth, it is significant to integrate them into both the economy and leadership structures of our province.

Therefore, we urge Premier Panyaza Lesufi to proactively involve young individuals in his cabinet appointments.

Inherently, the inclusion of youth within his cabinet signifies a commitment to inclusive governance and ensures that their voices are heard— a principle that emphasizes nothing for us without us should ring the bell to Premier Lesufi as he believes so much in the youth as Harry Gwala did with him.

Hence, we demand that the Premier implement the resolutions of the ANCYL National Executive Committee that emphasizes the importance of including the ANCYL in the formation of the government (Government of Provincial Unity).

It is recommended that the political head from ANCYL Gauteng, Cde Ntsako Mogobe be integrated into the provincial EXCO through appointment as MEC.

Additionally, the role of Chairpersons of Portfolio committees be given to Cde Vuyiswa Jentile and Moipone Mhlongo.

As we observe the youth month, it would be a significant risk to disregard the ANCYL and the youth of Gauteng, along with those who lost their lives in 1976 fighting for their cause.

Their sacrifices risk being forgotten if the voices of youth are not represented in Gauteng’s cabinet.

This issue is crucial for establishing connections among the youth. Moreover, without young leaders serving as MECs, there may be a lack of resonance with the younger generation in the 7th administration.

In conclusion, the ANCYL urges the 7th Administration to focus its significant support on infant industries and ensure their integration into the mainstream economy.

Failing to support the youth would be a disservice to the youth of Gauteng.

In the same breath, we implore the Premier to give precedence in appointing proficient and capable young people with requisite skills, abilities and knowledge who can effectively contribute as Head of Departments (HoD) within government operations.

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