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By Dimakatso Modipa

The Women of Hope soccer team in Marokolong, Hammanskraal, Tshwane photo by Dimakatso Modipa
The Women of Hope soccer team in Marokolong, Hammanskraal, Tshwane photo by Dimakatso Modipa

The members of the Women for hope football club in Marokolong, Hammanskraal in Tshwane are no longer suffering from many illnesses that used to see them visit the clinic every week thanks to soccer.

The women said playing soccer kept their bodies fit and healthy that’s why they encourage other elderly people to join their team and reap the benefits of a healthy body.

Founder of the team, Freddah Makhosi (61), said in 2019 she experienced regular pain in her legs, and she decided to wake up early every morning to do some exercises and the nearby sports grounds.

“I was supposed to go for surgery in my leg but since I started playing soccer my surgery was cancelled and the doctors declared me healthy and told me to keep on by playing soccer,” Makhosi said.

She says she regained her fitness and over time she was the envy of other elderly women in the area who decided to join her on her daily routine to exercise together. With the passage of time, they started exercising with a soccer ball which led them to play soccer and form a team.

“It took us two weeks to learn about soccer rules and juggling the ball. Today we play like we are professionals,” Makhosi said.

Another member of the team, Dorah Mnguni, says she used to drink high-blood pills for the past three years and went daily to the clinic and waited hours in the queues but now she no longer takes the pills.

“I am happy and over the moon with my fitness. The doctors are happy with my progress and I’m no longer going to the clinic to queue for medication as my only cure is exercise,” Mnguni said.

Makhosi says the club was formed in the early months of 2019 and later in that year they were invited to their first soccer tournament which they won. They received a trophy, medals and a soccer kit.

They also won the same tournament again in 2021. Since then, they participated in several soccer tournaments and travelled around the country to play against other gogo’s.

“We have challenges of transport availability every time we have to travel away. As all of us are pensioners, we can’t afford transport costs.

Sometimes we don’t honor us fixtured matches when invited because of transport issues”. Makhosi said.
Coach Wanda Molekwa said he started to coach the women this year and he helped the team with training.

“They are performing well, and they know the moves and they can go far with their skills,” Molekwa said.

The team is in need of equipment and their gear is no longer fitting them. They also need transport for travelling when invited to tournaments.

On 18 November 2023 they have a soccer tournament, and they are in need of sponsors for water, fruits, soccer kit and more.

The tournament will take place at Marokolong sports grounds.

Anyone who would like to donate to the women of hope soccer club can contact Olga Kutumela on 0795894634 or Freddah Makhosi on 0793954118.

The Women of Hope soccer team members are: Dorah Mnguni, Suzan Matsimela, Lennah Moloto, Alice Sekgala, Olga Kutumela, Catherine Khoza, Messy Mohlanga, Mary Matsimbi, Minki Sekgabi, Ouma Phelembe, Violet Matsimbi, Salamina Matsimbi and Mariam Matjie.

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