MK paint the mountain green by hiking

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By Dimakatso Modipa

MK members during the meet and greet sessions walking to Ebukhosini lounge in Mamelodi west, Tshwane
MK members during the meet and greet sessions walking to Ebukhosini lounge in Mamelodi west, Tshwane

Members of the newly formed political party Umkhondo We Sizwe known as MK hosted their meet and greet session by going mountain hiking over the weekend in Mamelodi west, Tshwane.

They painted the Magaliesburg Mountain and the street of Mamelodi West green.

Members hike the Magaliesburg Mountain and finished at Phola Park and they walked to Ebukhosini lounge singing MK songs, holding the MK flags and telling people to vote MK and to join the party.

More than 300 young people and other MK members, including the community joined the hike.

Amongst other was MKYL National spokesperson Nkateko Mkhabela, MKYL Gauteng provincial spokesperson Mpho Mosa, MKYL Mamelodi leader Howard Mabena and Mk Veterans, MKWL, Chiefs and upper structures.

Speaking to owner of Ebukhosini lounge Mcmillian Pitje told the Tshwane Talks that this is the 5th annual mountain hiking and each and every year we host a mountain hiking, and a primary goal is just fitness awareness and exploring Mamelodi and seeing Mamelodi from our beautiful Magaliesburg mountain.

This year we were very lucky because were we joined by MK party members.

Every year when we hike, we are joined by different stakeholders and different political organization.

Our first hike we were joined by religious groups and ANC members.

“We are doing this for the community of Mamelodi and to keep fit and healthy and to explore the other side of Mamelodi by hiking the mountain,” said Mcmillian Pitje owner of Ebukhosini lounge.

He said keeping healthy and fit is not about jogging and running and there are others way doing that and also hiking is one of them.

“We welcome everybody and any party, and organization to join us as this is part of learning the other side of Mamelodi,” he said.

Pitje said many people never hike the beautiful mountain, so this was the perfect opportunity for them to explore and see and learn the rich and beautiful history.

There are many people who live in Mamelodi for years but never climb the mountain.

We have Mothong Park in the mountain which was created by chief Mabena.

“We feel that it is one of the sites of Mamelodi and we wanted people of Mamelodi to know that and to tell others to hike as it is free of charge,” Pitje said.

“We are very happy that the meet and greet session went well and our members are getting to know each other, and we will be hosting this session throughout the country for our members to know each other,” MKYL National spokesperson Nkateko Mkhabela.

Mkhabela said we will be doing different programs in each place for the meet and greet session and we urge members to come out and support the program and be proud of their party.

“I would like to plead members of MK to stop hiding and come out, face reality and wear their green t-shirt proudly,” said MKYL Mamelodi regional chairperson Howard Mabena.

Mabena said there are people who are secretly members at the corners and are hiding and don’t want to be seen at MK programs or wearing t-shirts.

Those members are only waiting for the results so that they can jump ship.

“We are ready, and we were born ready and MK party will win the next coming election and things will turn around and things will be better because we are fighting for the black child future,” he said.

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