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By Dimakatso Modipa

Rebecca Mogomotsi, a traditional healer known as Khokho Juluka from extension 8 Nellmapius in Tshwane photo by Dimakatso Modipa

Meet Rebecca Mogomotsi, a traditional healer known as Khokho Juluka from extension 8 Nellmapius in Tshwane.

Khokho Juluka is famous for healing any illness and can-do wonders through the guidance of her ancestors. She has helped many people from across the country who came to her for healing.

Khokho Juluka told Tshwane Talks that she had a calling to be a healer at a young age from when she was still in primary school. She says she always used to faint and always ended up in hospital.

The medical doctors could not diagnose the cause of her sudden collapsing. They would just observe her and sent her back home.

“I even used to go to school barefoot because my feet were in pain when I wore shoes”, she said. In 1998, when she was already married, she took a decision to go for initiation school and train to become a traditional healer and she was trained by Baba Sopsopana.

“I made a decision to answer my calling because I saw my health was getting worse and I was always experiencing bad luck in life.

Khokho Juluka from extension 8 Nellmapius in Tshwane preparing traditional medicine in her hut (domba) photo by Dimakatso Modipa

I realized that the only way to stop the negativity was to answer the calling of the ancestors and lead a normal life,”  Khokho Juluka said.

Khokho Juluka says training was tough for her but she kept faith that it was the right move for her to get her life in order.

Khokho Juluka graduated from the initiation school and on 1 May 1998 she went back to practice as a fully-fledged Sangoma.

She was healed from her fainting illness and began her journey of healing people.

Khokho Juluka’s reputation as a healer made her attract lots of people as clients and by the year 2000, she trained her first group of initiates (mathwasana) to help them on their journeys of becoming traditional healers. Today she has trained over a hundred initiates who came to her school.

 Khokho Juluka says she is from a family of ancestors who were healers from both her maternal and paternal sides.

She further says she works with every illness and when a patient comes to her with a medical problem, she refers them to medical doctors.

She deals with spiritual healing and sometimes when a person comes to consult, she can determine if that person has a traditional calling.

“This industry has many challenges, and my wish is that all healers could find a way to work together and help to promote the African culture and keep it respectable”.

if anyone wants the services of Khokho Juluka they can contact her on 0769913696

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