ELF-South Africa ready for elections

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By Dimakatso Modipa

Economic Liberators Forum-South Africa (ELFSA) Founding President Hulisane Mani during a media briefing at Reef Hotel in Johannesburg photo by Dimakatso Modipa
(ELFSA) Founding President Hulisane Mani during a media briefing at Reef Hotel in Johannesburg photo by Dimakatso Modipa

The newly formed political party ELF-South Africa is adamant it will contest the upcoming general election that will be taking place on 29 May 2024.

This comes after they received their certificate to contest in the election.

The party held a media briefing at the Reef Hotel in Marshall town Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The media briefing was led by EFL-South Africa President Hulisane Mane and his executive members.

The new political kid ELF-South Africa had submitted the appeal to the IEC on the 12 of February 2024 and were only given response on Monday after the stage protest last week Friday.

The party since had intention to register previously as ELF was bared by IEC over the similarity in branding with EFF.

ELF-South Africa members protest to IEC last week Friday demanding the certificates.

Economic Liberators Forum-South Africa (ELFSA) Founding President Hulisane Mani is assuring that since they have members and got the certificate that they been fighting for they are ready to hit the ground running.

Mani also warned that they will approach the electoral court for a different outcome following the appeal lodged with the IEC regarding similarity with the EFF branding.

“The IEC has given ELF certificates on their new application as the ELF-South Africa on Monday.

We are going to be in this ballot, and we are going to contest the 2024 election,” said Economic Liberators Forum-South Africa (ELFSA) Founding President Hulisane Mani speaking at the media briefing.

Mani said the signatures that are required is 61 777.

Our liberators are working across the country, and they are not sleeping, we are confidence that we are going to raise that particular target that is required.

Today we have made a required payment that is required as a deposit on order for us to contest nationally and all the provinces.

“We are going to use a new logo of the new application which is Economic liberator forum South Africa, and this is the logo that the voters will find in the ballots paper.

Be rest assured that ELF-SA is here, and ELF-SA is not going anywhere.

Our people are on the ground and currently we have over 19 000 members, they are working day in and day out.

Our party is a very organise party and our members are hardworking, and I believe we will get the signatures that is needed at the IEC.

All liberators and all who supported us we have fought a good battle and we have won, they thought we not going to make it to the ballot, and we are there and now it is for us to do groundwork and mobilise and communicate what Economic liberator forum South Africa stand for,” said Mani speaking in confidence.

He said the party is planning to make a submission to the department of mineral resource and energy for the integrated resources plan as they are concern about the issues of load shedding that is affecting millions of South Africans.

“This issue of load shedding is getting out of hands and we are concerned and clearly the current government does not have a plan.

We need to first check who the beneficiaries are because people who are benefitting from blackout are the ones who are responsible.

Who are these contractors that are appointed through agencies?” asked Mani.

‘We must go and check what is happening because they are the ones who are behind.

If load shedding can stop their contractors are going to collapse because it benefitting them,” he said.

Mani explained that they have already launched branches across the country and including the mining communities. They are working with them and some are part of their executive.

“My message to IEC, we see you, we see what you are doing and as much as they have approved our other application we are still going to take it to court and for the appeal that they have rejected.

Our next step we are going to the electoral court even though we will be proceeding with Economic liberator forum South Africa running the process of election but we need to go and clear our name that we never had intention and we don’t look like the alleged party of EFF, that they said we look like them but now the court will be the one that decide and clean us,” said Mani.

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