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By Dimakatso Modipa

Several political parties have responded positively to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of 29 May 2024 as the date for the country’s general elections.

“Bring it on,” wrote DA leader John Steenhuisen on the party’s website on Tuesday.

This in anticipation of contesting mainly the ANC in the elections.

“The DA welcomes this crucial announcement as a countdown to a historic movement where South Africa will have an opportunity resuscitate itself from 30 years of ANC failure, corruption and state capture,” wrote Steenhuisen.

“Our manifesto, launched and made public, is being received favorably across the country,” opined Steenhuisen.

“It reflects the aspirations and hopes of the people, offering a clear alternative to decades of ANC mismanagement,” he wrote.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) also welcomed Ramaphosa’s announcement.

“It is impossible to ignore the prevailing turmoil that has engulfed South Africa; a landscape marred by turmoil, rampant corruption and escalating crime,” reads the party’s statement.

“This paints a distressing picture of our nation’s trajectory,” reads the statement further.

“The UDM emerges as a harbinger of optimism amidst the prevailing uncertainty- a pledge to usher in an era characterised by a restoration of power to the grassroots, ensuring that the vices if ordinary citizens resonate within the hallowed halls of governance,” reads the statement.

In welcoming the election date, Azapo’s Publicity and Information Department assured South Africans of a clean, honest and responsive government if voted into power.

Azapo says their government will be pro poor and unashamedly work towards restoring power back to the people to determine their own lives and destinies.

“It is the indignity of our people and their powerlessness that propel Azapo in the coming elections,” read the statement.

ActionSA released the following statement: “ActionSA’s campaign will strive to show all South Africans that We Can Fix South Africa, but that this work can only begin once the ANC is removed from office,”

ActionSA elaborated that it is with purpose that it welcomes the announcement of the election date and is therefore declaring itself ready to solve South Africa’s problems.

“Starting in June 2024, South Africans can anticipate a fresh start, filled with hope and opportunities for progress and growth,” said Xiluva’s Gauteng Coordinator Norman Mohale.

He said Xiluva’s leadership is poised to be instrumental in driving growth.

“Xiluba is committed to improving South Africans’ lives and driving positive change,” said Mohale.

Meanwhile, the IEC released the following statement: “The pronouncement of the election date comes after a successful voter registration campaign which included two general registration weekends, overseas voter registration drive, campus activations and registration with correctional services centres.

The voters roll now stands at 27,6 million voters.”

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