Amza knows how to entertain grootman with soul music

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By Dimakatso Modipa

Amos Sfiso Masango known as Amza from Nellmapius in Tshwane who owns Amza place (tavern)
Amos Sfiso Masango known as Amza from Nellmapius in Tshwane who owns Amza place (tavern)

Meet happily family man Amos Sfiso Masango goes by the nickname of Amza from Nellmapius in Tshwane who owns Amza place (tavern).

His tavern is situated in extension 6 Nellmapius. Amza’s tavern accommodates clean, understanding, calm, relax gentleman who likes to listen to soul music.

Gentleman enjoys soul music and watching soccer and a game of pool and giving each other advice about life.

Speaking to Amza he told the Tshwane Talks that Amza tavern been running since 2008 and since then it has not stopped, and it keeps on growing bigger and gaining more popularity in the community.

He started by opening a tuck-shop first and as time goes on, he saw that many people need a place of relaxation and enjoy good music and then he applies for a liquor license, and he got it and started to operate.

When he opened a tavern, it was only two rooms only and when he went to stock, he only stock little because he had just started. When he started to operate, he used to accommodate only 40 to 60 years adults but now also youth joined in but sometimes.

As time goes on, he saves money he made from the business and extend and renovate the tavern and today it is big and there is lots of space.

His tavern was so tiny and there was not enough space for his customers and today he is proud owner of this big establishment and its growing bigger and bigger every day.

“My business helps me put food on the table and its also helped me support my family and I’m proud of it,” Amza said.

He said in 2010 first time ever a brewery came to his tavern and make a huge delivery and that’s make him prouder because it was his wished to see brewery standing in his tavern and delivered.

in 2020 during Covid 19 the business stopped operating and as a businessman he had to comply with the law. After Covid 19 they were allowed to operate, and he began and operates and all his customers never abonded him they came back and support him even more.

“When I saw brewery in my tavern, I was so happy and I felt like one of them and I was very excited and couldn’t believe it and I pray to God and thank him every day,” he said.

Amza said he also host events and he also give young people a chance to listen to their music after the adults gone home. In his tavern he plays soul music and later plays amapiano, house and others.

He employs 2 Dj’s.

He also joined his customers and dance with them and chilled with them and interact with them and gave each other advice.

He has come across lots of challenges but with God grace he has overcome all.

He further said he always talks to his customers about safety first, GBV and also hands out condoms to his customers and tell them that when they spend, they must not spend too much but think of their families back home.

“I don’t allow underage drinking person in my tavern, and I don’t sell cigarettes and alchahol to underage and if I see them, I chase them away,” Amza said.

He said people when visiting his tavern, they can expect a good music, a good company, great conversation, no fight or argument, no mugging or robbing and a bit of advice from the gentlemen and people should feel free and welcomed and they have a bouncer at the door.

“I want to thanked my customers for the support they have given me all these years and I wish I can do something big for them and I want them to drive safely and alive and arrive,” he said.

Amza tavern during the week he open from 4pm to 8pm and during weekend and public holidays he open from 10am to 2am.

Amos Sfiso Masango known as Amza from Nellmapius in Tshwane standing next to his tavern
Amos Sfiso Masango known as Amza from Nellmapius in Tshwane standing next to his tavern

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