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By Dimakatso Modipa

Patriotic Alliance (PA) President Gayton McKenzie addressing supporters during the #Abahambe rally in Sun Bet Arena in Menlyn, Tshwane on Sunday afternoon photo by Dimakatso Modipa

“Abahambe,” screamed Patriotic Alliance (PA) President Gayton McKenzie as he told his supporters that after 29 May general elections all illegal foreigners will be deported should his party be voted into power.

McKenzie was speaking to the his supporters at the party’s final election rally dubbed “#Abahambe,

“(Let them go away) at Menlyn Sun Bet Arena, Tshwane on Sunday afternoon.

#Abahambe is, according to McKenzie, a reference to illegal foreigners who he said were the root cause of all the problems facing South Africans at the moment.

“I want to tell you that our critics have told many lies about us and lie number one is that we are a coloured party, but this is not true as we are the only party that has all nationalities in our National Executive Committee (NEC) and the only party which has people of different races as Premier candidates,” said a determined McKenzie.

Patriotic Alliance (PA) suppoters at #Abahambe rally in Sun Bet Arena in Menlyn, Tshwane on Sunday afternoon photo by Dimakatso Modipa

“We are not a coloured party, we are a colorful party,” he said.

“The second lie is that the PA and ANC have a deal, but the truth is there is no deal between the PA and the ANC but that the DA and ANC have a deal through which they will keep other parties out of power,” he said.

McKenzie announced that the PA has three non-negotiables namely bringing God back to the schools, the reinstatement of the death penalty and mass deportation of illegal foreigners,” he said.

He said they will only enter into a coalition with any party that agrees with the three aforesaid non-negotiable issues.

He announced that the PA has entered into a working relationship with Operation Dudula to make sure that foreigners will go home after the 29 May general elections.

He attributed South Africa’s problems like crime, electricity crisis, health crisis at hospitals, joblessness, drug abuse and peddling to foreigners, who he said were at the forefront of creating the said crisis.

“When all these eight million foreigners leave the country on Thursday after the elections, that means eight million jobs will automatically be available for our South African children,” said McKenzie.

“Our people don’t have houses, but foreigners have hijacked buildings in Sunnyside, Tshwane, Bellville in Cape Town and Hillbrow in Johannesburg and starting on Thursday all those buildings will be taken back by us by fire,” warned McKenzie.

He said parties like ANC and EFF won’t say anything about illegal foreigners because they are being funded by illegal foreigners.

He emphasised that the 2024 general elections are about the issue of illegal foreigners and that it was up to South Africans to make a choice as to whether they want foreigners to stay in South Africa or go home.

“No South African shall be in need of oxygen in our hospitals while that oxygen is being provided to a Zimbabwean,” said McKenzie.

Patriotic Alliance (PA) leadership and Operation Dudula leadership during the #Abahambe rally in Sun Bet Arena in Menlyn, Tshwane on Sunday afternoon photo by Dimakatso Modipa

“Love me or hate me I am for South Africans first,” he said vehemently.

McKenzie boldly said the Western Cape government would belong to the PA as the DA will lose it come Wednesday’s elections.

He urged voters of Gauteng to vote for PA premier candidate Kenny Kunene as he has shown his bravery when he removed illegal foreigners from a building that foreigners had occupied illegally and conducted mass deportations of the illegal foreigners.

He said Kenny Kunene managed to do in his two days as mayor what all other parties who were in charge of the City of Joburg had failed to do all their lives.

He indicated that his Christian beliefs don’t allow him to reject the state of Israel but emphasised that those who seek to bring about peace in the Palestine/Israel conflict must not take sides.

McKenzie profusely thanked the black and white patriots of South Africa for having the Patriotic Alliance because if they had not, then the party would merely have been a party for coloured people, and that their membership as black and white people make the party a multi-racial one.

“Black people are still suffering in this country and that they must not be confused with the fat cats that are in government because they as black people are also tired of their black leaders and have now decided to join the Patriotic Alliance,” he said.

“We have voted for black and white presidents before and now it is time to elect a Coloured president,” said McKenzie, whose nationality is Coloured.

He said the Patriotic Alliance and coloureds have the power to unite all South Africans but that such a situation will only arise when the country gets rid of foreigners.

“As the Patriotic Alliance we are not only saying illegal foreigners must go, but we are also saying all foreigners, be they here legally or illegally must not have a job here which can be occupied by a South African,” he said.

“We are going to do an audit of all asylum marriages of convenience with foreigners and those who are in such marriages will be divorced by decree,” said McKenzie.

“EFF is a criminal organisation as it is in cahoots with Nigerian drug lords,” emphasised McKenzie as he challenged EFF leader Julius Malema to go with him for a drug test to determine who between the two of them is a drug dealer and drug user.

McKenzie appealed for all criminals to be given a second chance in life just as white people were given a chance after committing atrocities against black people.

He apologised to all the people of South Africa for having committed crimes them during his days a criminal together with party deputy President Kenny Kunene.

Patriotic Alliance (PA) members dancing during the #Abahambe rally photo by Dimakatso Modipa

He confessed that both of them were young and foolish but are now rehabilitated and wiser.

Deputy president PA Kenny Kunene told the crowd that the message that they must take home is that a vote for the DA and ANC and the is a vote for open borders.

Meanwhile, Operation Dudula President Zandile Dabula, who was at PA’s rally, announced that indeed his party will join forces with Patriotic Alliance from now going forward.

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