UDM welcomes prominent members of the society to its fold

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By Dimakatso Modipa

UDM Presidents Bantu Holomisa announcing new prominent members of the party at Sheraton Hotel in Tshwane
UDM Presidents Bantu Holomisa announcing new prominent members of the party at Sheraton Hotel in Tshwane

The United Democratic Movement welcomed several prominent members of the society to its fold on Monday at the Sheraton Hotel in Tshwane.

The new prominent members are Professor Mthunzi Perry-Mason Mdwaba, Major General Retired Mindeni Sibango, Phathiwe Ndleleni, Inga Ndibongo De Villiers, Lehlogonolo Noge and Zamokuhle Aja- Okirie, they were welcomed with open arms.

Each of them signed a membership card and were given UDM’s t-shirts.

The party’s president General Bantu Holomisa said he was happy about the new members who have joined the party’s ranks in preparation to tackle the forthcoming national and provincial elections and beyond.

“The UDM will be hosting its manifesto launch on 2 March 2024 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand,” announced Holomisa.

“We have noticed that the ruling party has been acting like some opposition party lamenting over problems in South Africa,” he said.

“Being in power for thirty years they (the ruling party) had a mandate and tools to fix the problems of this country but the did the opposite,” enthused Holomisa.

“The UDM’s approach will be a can-do approach to a set of problems which have not changed that much since 2019,” said Holomisa.

Professor Mthunzi Perry-Mason Mdwaba who is an academic as well as an accomplished businessman is one of the people who were welcomed to the UDM on Monday.

Major General Retired Mindeni Sibango was also welcomed to the party and will take up the role of advisor regarding issues of defence, safety and security.

Phathiwe Ndleleni, a journalist and public relations specialist, was welcomed to the party to work as media advisor.

Previously Ndleleni worked in the office of the Speaker of the City of Joburg doing special projects.

Inga Ndibongo De Villiers was announced as the party’s chief administrator and has long years of expertise and experience into UDM’s efforts.

The UDM was established in 1997 and in 1998 Holomisa was elected as its president, with former National Party chief negotiator Roelf Meyer as his deputy.

Holomisa had been expelled from the ANC in 1996.

“I have been talking to young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years and also networking with them.

They cannot find who to vote for.

I look at the youth of this country and I look at the potential that they have.

I also look at what is possible.

I think the UDM can deliver that possibly.

My colleagues and I want to be part of that possibly,” said Professor Mdwaba.

“I joined the UDM freely so.

When I look at the political party that I would vote for, an honest person who is running a charity organisation and I couldn’t see any other political party except for the UDM,” said Ndleleni.

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