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By Peter Mothiba

The Transform Alliance (TTA) president Abel Tau
The Transform Alliance (TTA) president Abel Tau

Tshwane leaders

In conversation with Abel Tau president of The Transformation Alliance

1. Where were you born and which schools and tertiary institutions did you attend?

ANSWER: I was born in Winterveldt and attended Tidimaling Primary School before going to Lesokang High School where I completed my Matric.

I then enrolled for a chemical engineering course at Pretoria Technikon but I dropped out in my second year.

But later on in my life I studied various courses like operations management and metro governance.

I am also a qualified diesel electrical fitter.

2.Were you active in politics during your days as a youth?

ANSWER: I became the first Deputy President of the SRC at Lesolang High School from 1994 to 1995. I was also chairperson of the ANC Youth League in Soshanguve Section HH.

3. What sparked your interest in politics?

ANSWER: The political Unrests of 1984 and 1985. The country and our township Soshanguve were in turmoil.

My elder brothers were among the people who were sought by the apartheid police because of their anti-apartheid political activities.

I saw many of the people that I knew getting killed by the apartheid police and SADF soldiers.

4. Tell us about you stint as Acting City of Tshwane Mayor.

ANSWER: I had to hit the ground running. Most parts of the City were in chaos.

There were floods in Mamelodi that affected informal settlement residents and the Metro’s workers were on strike.

I had to tackle all those issues even though I didn’t have any experience in running the City.

I managed to resolve the strike and also managed to relocate some flood victims to safe places of abode.

5. Why did you leave the DA?

ANSWER: The DA is a scam.

It represents the elite white people. We blacks were taken in as tokens and one of the high-ranking leaders of the DA was quoted as referring to us black people who were in the DA as a failed experiment.

There was no way I was going to to continue being part of a racist party.

6. And why did you leave ActionSA?

ANSWER: I was framed with accusations of rape. The party never allowed due criminal procedure to take place in this matter but simply kicked me out of the party via a kangaroo court.

I was an irritant to many people in the party as I didn’t go along with corrupt activities that some of the leaders wanted to involve me in.

7. Is the Transformation Alliance a national party or is it confined only to Tshwane?

ANSWER: We have a national footprint. And that is an achievement considering that we are not funded by the corporate sector.

8. How many members does your party have at the moment?

ANSWER :About twenty thousand.

9. What is your take on illegal foreigners coming to this country willy-nilly?

Answer: Let’s deport anyone who is here illegally.

Illegal foreigners are here to commit crime.

They also take entry-level jobs which should be taken up by South Africans.

These people make the situation worse for unemployed South Africans. Only those with specialized skills must be allowed to take up jobs in this country.

10. How will your party create jobs?

Answer: The hospitality industry is the first place to start.

Minimum wages must also be enforced in the construction industry. Street-vending, hair salons and shoe- making jobs must be done by South Africans instead of being done by foreigners as is the case at the moment.

11. What is your view in the reintroduction of the death penalty in this country?

ANSWER: It must be reinstated.

We have heartless criminals killing people and we want to respond by rehabilitating them.

We are trying to be what we are not.

Measures must be put in place to make sure that the right culprits get hanged for their crimes.

12. How will your party eradicate the scourge of nyaope.

ANSWER: Nyaope is brought here by foreigners who are not afraid of the justice system of this country and its jails.

A special prison must be built to house all foreign prisoners with conditions being very harsh.

And countries of these foreigners must pay for their upkeep in jail or else we will let them starve to death.

13. What is your point if view regarding land expropriation without compensation?

ANSWER: Whites must be made aware that just because they are in possession of land doesn’t mean they own it.

The principle of willing buyer-willing seller has not worked out. Black people have been disposessed of their land and they must get it back.

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