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Retired judge Jean-Pierre Urgins
Retired judge Jean-Pierre Urgins

The French elections of 30/07/24 and 07/07/24 Between two rounds. Between claimed racism and hidden racism.

By Judge Jean Pierre Urgins

The French are unhappy. But they hope on the left in François Hollande, former socialist president who was one of those to practice the most at this place, assassination for reasons of state.

As well as the claimed international lie, when we think about the so-called “Minsk agreements”, of which he was one of the guarantors; and which was supposed to prevent war in Ukraine. Perhaps tomorrow, they will hope in Raphaël Glucksmann (PS).

They also hope in the barely hidden human, hierarchy promoted by Madame Le Pen’s party. French nationalism is a black and white world and the denial of anything that is not white.

All of this was clearly theorized in 1855, long after the French Revolution, by Arthur de Gobineau in his masterpiece of stupidity entitled « On the Inequality of Human Races”.

The slavery of Africans by Europe dates back to the last century, but colonialism is not over and our culture has never allowed black French people to make up for the gap imposed by initial exploitation. We are by nature citizens apart and have no other choice but to collaborate in this hierarchy.

French are unhappy. But what about the discontent of the most exploited French people in the hexagon? What do French people of African origin think?

The West has enriched itself through cruel domination and the predation of the world’s resources. It can only continue to do so today on the international stage, if it embodies the image of the good. This is the historical lesson of Hitlerism: Never claim the evil you do, if you want to be able to continue doing it!

Therefore, West produces this false image of itself on television, in cinema, in the media, in advertising, and during major international events that are publicized. Cannes festival, Olympic Games, major sports tournaments;

when it manages to hide the gangs of Nazis in the stands who make monkey noises when a footballer of African origin takes the ball. France therefore produces this manipulated image to continue dominating its victims in the silent and complicit reality of its internal borders.

The radical right as a so-called opponent, claims predatory violence against the disarmed families. While the ruling party, regardless of its political segment, acts as do all Western leaders: it feeds the country through predation, while denying it.

For the French of African origin, the national motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” is the very image of inverted reality. A cultural lie. This second-class citizen is a sub-French. He is alone surrounded by lies that discriminate against him.

Alone against almost everyone, as he is at the bottom of the social ladder.

There is almost unanimous complicity against him, from those who do not want to grant him any of them
privileges. Because for the people, privileges in France do not accumulate, but are shared; in order to divide the populations.

The community organization that would allow him to step outside the perimeter of survival, is forbidden to him. And even if he were to organize, a community is not a state. When France is rich: the black french must
forget his aspiration for equality and rejoice in the selfish happiness of his white fellow citizens. When France is poor: there is nothing left for him, and he must mourn the misfortune that
strikes the superior citizen-hood.

Whether from the radical right or not, for the black citizen who wants to emancipate himself, it always ends
up like in the novel Roots, by Alex Haley (Pulitzer Prize in 1977) and its famous hero caught by thepatrol.

When, after his unsuccessful attempt to escape from the extermination fields, Kunta Kinte finds himself in the hands of his torturers, the choice of his punishment is given to him between emasculation and the axe
amputation of a foot.

It will either be Marine Le Pen (or her right-hand man, Bardella), or it will be another party that will conceal the suffering inflicted but concealed by the official discourse. There is a French expression that describes this situation quite well. It will be “White cap or cap white”. And for the black citizen who
believed in freedom, equality and fraternity, it will be the dunce cap of the bad citizen.

The New Caledonia file is exemplary of this inverted truth. France invaded New Caledonia (third world producer of nickel), putting the indigenous Kanak population in reserves in the north of their own island.

And when these “Native Americans” of the Pacific revolt against this genocide by substitution, a majority of French agrees with our elites to cry out “anti-white racism!” Wedo not forget that barely a century ago in the Hexagon, they parked us inside human zoos.

Today, they put the black French in a glass cage, and when the prisoner questions his status, society majority labels him as antisocial. Between claimed racism and hidden racism, it’s like choosing between the plague and cholera…

Rules pedestalized on domination, a morality upheld only by arrogance, can only lead to chaos. What is the point of analyzing chaos? Why not instead giving up domination and arrogance? It is too easy to only point the USA fault.

Because USA are but an European production. Justice in France will not come from Macron, Le Pen, or Mélanchon, who explains to Senegalese people the civilizational benefits of sexual mutilation. Justice will not come from any election. Justice does not thrive in violence. Justice will come from outside.

Because the “outside” has already embraced the natural order and positive evolution of life on planet Earth.

It will impose itself on all French people through multipolarity. Those French people who have a conscience already know this. In the meantime, France is at the forefront of the inverted truth of the Western world.

This concerns all aspects of society, not just racism. My fellow citizens who think they are safe from this evil will soon find themselves facing barbarism that will disrupt all societal norms.

A barbarism which will not come from an external invasion, but from the cultural depths of our society. And they will remember maybe too late, this indistinct image rooted in the past century:

“When they came for the Jews, I did not move because I am not Jewish. When they came for the communists, I did not move, etc. When they came for me, there was no one left to defend me. “Is racism back in the West?

When did it ever leave? The world has witnessed how quickly the West has supported banderist movements,
promoted to the status of heroes of the free world by the anti-peacemaker Boris Johnson. My country supports the « Das Reich » arsonists, who immolated our conscience in Oradour sur-Glane and Odessa.

Fellow citizens above all suspicion, when you see them targeting black people and you do not move…
Where were you when they was surrounding our family home in a small village in the south of France, which voted for a racialist President with 67,56% of the votes?

Think of this possibly prophetic image which will soon reach you in what you hold most dear. It is neither the far right nor the far left, only puppets, who will come and pick you up. It is the puppeteers who will send their uniforms to knock on your door!

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