Parliament congratulates national rugby champion

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By Dimakatso Modipa

The rugby champion of the world cup Springbok in Paris, France photo supplied.
The rugby champion of the world cup Springbok in Paris, France photo supplie

The Parliament of South Africa, led by the Presiding Officers of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, expresses its heartfelt congratulations to our national rugby champions, the Springboks, on their historic victory over the New Zealand Rugby Team at the prestigious Stade De France on Saturday night.

Clinching the Webb Ellis trophy for an unmatched fourth time, the Springboks have not only displayed supreme athleticism but also the spirit of unity, impeccable team-work and perseverance that defines our nation.

This World Cup was uniquely challenging, with the Springboks battling against the world’s top-ranking teams. In this high-stakes competition, our team demonstrated exceptional resilience, unwavering spirit, and an unparalleled warrior mentality.

Against all odds, they proved to be the epitome of excellence, discipline, determination, teamwork and a passion.

This achievement exemplifies the transformative power of sport in South Africa.

It’s not just about the game; it’s about its ability to unite our diverse nation, reinvigorate hope, and showcasing the strength that comes from our rich diversity.

The Springboks’ victory embodies the spirit of South Africa: a nation defined by resilience, unity, and a passion for pushing boundaries.

This Springboks’ World Cup victory over New Zealand evokes memories of their iconic win in 1995. In a nation previously divided by civil unrest and racial strife, rugby emerged as a surprising force for unity.

Under the inspiration of President Nelson Mandela and the ‘Madiba Magic’, the Springboks stood as beacons of hope and solidarity amidst the shadows of apartheid and colonial history.

Their rallying call then, ‘One Team, One Country’, was more than just words—it encapsulated a crucial moment, emphasizing the transformative and unifying power of sport, a notion strongly championed by Mandela.

Fast forward 28 years, and the indomitable spirit of the Springboks remains as resilient and unmatched as ever.

From the powerful cry of ‘One Team, One Country’ in 1995 to the equally resonant ‘Stronger Together’ today, their legacy is a testament to the strength of our people, the catalytic force of sport and the undying spirit of a nation that has weathered countless storms but remains steadfast in its pursuit of unity and greatness.

The Springboks’ relentless spirit and dedication have illuminated the hearts of millions, reaffirming the greatness of South Africa and reminding the world of the extraordinary nation we are. Our hearts overflow with pride.

Special commendations to team captain, Siya Kolisi, whose exemplary leadership combined with the collective efforts of the profoundly talented team, coaching staff, and the SARU leadership and all role players, culminated in a victory that resonates deeply not only in South Africa but across the African continent.

Congratulations to the South Africans, from every corner of the nation, for propelling the Springboks to the pinnacle of world rugby with unwavering support!

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