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By Dimakatso Modipa

NUMSA President Andrew Chirwa addressing workers at Ford at Silverton
NUMSA President Andrew Chirwa addressing workers at Ford at Silverton

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has served Ford South Africa with a 48-hour notice to strike.

The NUMSA President Andrew Chirwa addressed more than 3000 workers at the Quarterly General Meeting on Monday at Ford in Silverton, Tshwane.

The workers are angry that Ford is trying to deny them bonuses.

More than 3000 workers are expected to take part in the strike this coming Thursday on 4 July 2024.

According to NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim said Ford failed to reach an agreement with Numsa at the conciliation held on the 11th of June 2024 at the CCMA offices in Pretoria.

After picketing rules where concluded, the Commissioner issued the certificate to strike.

“NUMSA has given Ford an opportunity to rethink its stand, but to date they have not come to the party.

The reason for the strike is that Ford is refusing to share its profits with workers.

Ford company workers at Silverton, Tshwane
Ford company workers at Silverton, Tshwane

Our members are the creators of wealth and Ford has benefitted hugely from the sweat and labour of workers,” said NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim.

Jim said Ford management pretends not to understand the demand and they keep claiming it is ‘impermissible’ and they claim that workers have no right to demand bonuses.

“We reject this with the contempt it deserves.

Ford is a multinational which is capacitated to build about 720 cars per day.

They can definitely afford some kind of a bonus.

We reject their reasons and justifications for refusing to share the profit with workers,” said Jim.

He said for the last four years, Ford Global has made a fortune.

According to Macrotrends, in the last year their gross profit for the 12 months ending March 31, 2024 was $25.137B, a 0.45% increase year-over-year.

▪ In 2023 gross profit was $25 billion
▪ In 2022 gross profit was $23 billion
▪ In 2021 during lockdown gross profit was $21, 69 billion!

“NUMSA will meet them on the picket line and we call on all workers at Ford to unite behind NUMSA and to unite behind their demands,” said Jim.

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