MK celebrates victory of contesting for elections

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By Dimakatso Modipa

UMkhonto weSizwe party members in Atteridgeville, Tshwane celebrating at Dibango’s Park for contesting for national elections photo by Dimakatso Modipa
UMkhonto weSizwe party members in Atteridgeville, Tshwane celebrating at Dibango’s Park for contesting for national elections photo by Dimakatso Modipa

UMkhonto weSizwe party members in Atteridgeville, Tshwane took their victory to the street by celebrating on Saturday at Dibango’s Park.

The celebration comes after the party qualifies for the upcoming National elections that will take place on 29 May 2024.

MK members were joined by (UAT) United African Transformation party members.

The celebration was organised by MK members Atteridgeville branch.

They were singing revolutionary songs, singing and dancing at the park.

Party members also recruitment members during the celebration.

“This is a thanksgiving celebration, and we are saying thank you to all the volunteers for ensuring that MK was successfully registered on the IEC registration list, and we will be on the ballot paper,” said MK Atteridgeville Zonal convener Ray Henning.

Henning said our volunteers worked very hard day and night to ensure that we meet the requirement of the IEC, and we get the signatures that they need in so little time.

“We made it and other political parties have been on the ground before us and did not get the signatures that they need.

MK is registered as party and is complying and it will contest the elections come 29 May 2024,” said Henning speaking in confidence.

Henning further said they met the numbers required and they went about, and it show that everyone wants MK party in Atteridgeville.

Many people love MK, and they use their own money from their own pocket to make sure all the programs happened from organizing music, petrol money, food, tent, chairs and others.

“We will win, and we are 110% sure and we will win the elections and we are going to the parliament and legislature.

We are going to fix this country and make it right.

All volunteers who had sleepless night, we thanked them very much for putting the need of the party first,” he said.

Henning warned the opposition parties that MK will lead, and it will be in government after the 29 May 2024, and we will administrate South Africa.

“We have been doing programs throughout this month and we had close to 8 programs in all the wards. This is a victory lab.

We manage to get over 600 memberships every week in all this programs.

We are celebrating for the success and for the recruitment drive that we had been pushing throughout these programs really helped us to pull it off,” said MKYL Atteridgeville Convener Madimetsha Makopo.

“I would like to encourage young people in the country, in the province and in all of our townships to join MK party because it’s our last hope because all this party promised us lots of things and they are not delivered in those promises.

Mk is here to deliver in all the things that been promised to us since 1994.

We advocate free education in MK and that is what we push as youth league.

With MK the youth will find free education, will get jobs in MK.

Opposition parties must just rally with us and if they want radical transformation they must just vote for MK,” said Makopo with delighted face.

MK Women’s league coordinator Agnes Ntsoko said we are here to make our party stronger and as women and children we suffered a lot.

We are here in this party to end all the problems and to fix all the past mistake and to build the nation and not to fight.

“We want to build the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela and Oliver Tambo.

We encourage women in the country to join MK to help fight the problems, we are facing as women.” said Ntsoko.

“MK members invited us to join them.

MK and UAT are the same.

We are there for the people, we do things together, we are both fighting corruption, that’s why we are celebrating together this victory and supporting them,” said Tshwane spokesperson of the United African Transformation (UAT) Promise Madisha.

“We are also going to be on the ballot paper, and we submitted everything that IEC wanted and now we must campaign.

We would like to encourage people of South Africa to vote for UAT party.

We are going to campaign and people must know about UAT and let’s get it right and when we get to ballot paper vote for UAT,” he said.

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