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By Peter Mothiba

Let me start off by saying what Kaizer Chiefs reserve goalkeepers Brendan Peters did at the FNB Stadium this past Saturday during the Soweto derby between Chiefs and Pirates is deplorable and sickening.

The erratic goalkeeper was caught on camera swearing at his coach Cavin Johnson by using the F…word.

The blundering goalkeeper, who was on the bench for the match because he is not good at all, was even seen coaching his teammates even though Johnson was doing so at that time.

For those who might not be aware, this Peterson is the man who has cost Chiefs many games with his mistakes in the goal posts at the beginning of the season.

Yet he has the temerity to think that he is better than the embattled coach Cavin Johnson.

This is a classic case of a pot calling a kettle black.

Many times the 29-year-old ordinary goalkeeper has been given a chance to be in goal for Kaizer and many times he has fumbled.

The way he spoke to coach Johnson reminded me of a recalcitrant boy who would swear at his own father in public, not giving a damn as to what those within earshot would think of him.

Johnson tried to play down this incident by saying that is how his players at Chiefs talk to him and that there is no problem at all.

This is a lie, because I am sure that the Motaung family – who are the club’s owners, would not tolerate such unprofessional “straat mate” behaviour from anyone in the team including Peterson who is a palooka.

I personally played soccer up to a reasonably high level as a youth and what Peterson did is something I have never seen before in my whole life.

But if what Peterson did is “normal” and okay according to Chiefs’ owners and supporters, then I am afraid the team’s problems won’t be sorted out in the near future.

This ill-discipline and “lawless” behaviour will ultimately lead the team to the much-dreaded relegation zone.

At the moment Chiefs is like a school learner who already knows that come end of the year she/he won’t pass the final examinations.

This statement is informed by the fact that the team has no chance of winning any trophy this season.

I am not a prophet of doom, but soccer history shows that big teams do get relegated.

In 1985 in the National Soccer League (NSL), Orlando Pirates escaped relegation by a mere point after the team officials were embroiled in a squabble for the ownership of the team.

Going overseas, history shows that the famous Manchester United was relegated from the English League in 1973.

Liverpool was relegated in 1974 and Manchester City was relegated in 1983 and 1987.

In Germany’s Bundesliga, Bayern Munich was relegated in 1955 and in Italia Serie A, AC Milan was relegated in 1982.

I am not wishing Chiefs bad luck but history shows that relegation is a possibility even for a big club if it doesn’t put its house in order in the long run.

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