Embracing the GNU: A New Chapter for South Africa

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Sizwe Ummah National leader Rasheed Gutta
Sizwe Ummah National leader Rasheed Gutta

Embracing the GNU: A New Chapter for South Africa

By Rasheed Gutta

Leader of Sizwe Ummah National Party

Friday, June 14, 2024, marks a defining moment in South Africa’s democracy, akin to the historic 1994 elections.

On this day, the agreement to establish another Government of National Unity (GNU) was formalized and President Cyril Ramaphosa was reappointed.

Despite significant challenges, including allegations of inconsistencies and irregularities in the final election results, the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) failure to ensure the proper functioning of voting devices, and long waiting queues on voting day, the election saw a voter turnout of only 58%.

With 16 million people voting out of 27 million registered voters (compared to 17.6 million in 2019) and 42 million eligible voters, only one in three eligible South Africans cast their vote.

This raises the question: Is this result reflective of the will of the majority? Can we confidently say that “The People Have Spoken”?

Nevertheless, we must commend the ruling ANC party for their graceful acceptance of not achieving an outright majority for the first time since the advent of democracy.

No liberation party in colonized Africa has conducted itself with such dignity.

Furthermore, the ANC’s initiative to form a GNU, long discussed but now realized, demonstrates a commitment to rebuilding the Rainbow Nation envisioned by our first President, Nelson Mandela.

By including their political rivals and former adversaries, the ANC has shown a willingness to foster national unity and collaboration.

Ultimately, this outcome is likely the best South Africans could have hoped for, given the context.

South African citizens now have a duty to move forward, rebuilding our country and actively defending our democracy by holding our new leadership accountable and ensuring effective performance management from the outset.

We must confidently and proactively shape a better future for all who live in our nation.

I feel privileged and honored to have contested in this landmark election and to contribute to positive change in South Africa.

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