Deputy Mayor reads for preschool kids

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By Dimakatso Modipa

City of Tshwane deputy mayor Nasiphi Mayo reads a book for preschool kids in Mamelodi east Tshwane
City of Tshwane deputy mayor Nasiphi Mayo reads a book for preschool kids in Mamelodi east Tshwane

City of Tshwane Deputy Mayor Nasiphi Moya conducted a follow-up site visit to Mmagobatho Early Childhood Development Centre in Mamelodi East, Tshwane on Wednesday.

The visit also aimed to introduce an element to teaching that promotes the love of reading and for indigenous languages.

During the visit, the teachers showcased how the curriculum is implemented, which
includes numeracy lessons, life orientation, social skills and art.

The learners enthusiastically demonstrated their comprehension and skills.

“We were here a few weeks ago and promised that we would come back as there were things that we needed to work on,” said Moya.

“We also just had to add a few activities like me having to understand the content and teaching that is happening at this centre,” explained Moya.

“Another aim of my visit here is to introduce a service that we have in the City of Tshwane, namely library services,” she said.

“As a bonus for our activities we had parents in attendance with the aim of observing how their children are taught,” she said.

The Deputy Mayor explained that though World Read Aloud Day was celebrated in February, she made a commitment to partner with schools as this event must not be a one-day event but must go on throughout the year.

“We will implement Read Aloud Day at Early Development Centres as well and read for the kids there as we understand that they are obviously too young to read for themselves,” said Moya as she explained that this shall be implemented through the City of Tshwane’s library services.

“What is important is that we introduce the love of reading and education to our kids and this is the best phase to do so,” she said.

The Deputy Mayor rounded off her visit to Mmagobatho ECD by reading books to the kids there.

Parents were also encouraged to become members of any of the 57 libraries of the City of Tshwane to further support their children’s education and development.

“We are so happy the deputy mayor has kept her promised and come back.

Our preschool kids are performing well and the teachers are hard at work making sure they perform their best,” said principal of Mmagobatho preschool Buela Pega.

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