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By Dimakatso Modipa

The City of Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink and MMC for Human Settlement Ofentse Madzebatela handed out free houses to disabled beneficiaries in Extension 19, Atteridgeville, Tshwane

The City of Tshwane entourage led by Mayor Cilliers Brink handed out free houses to disabled beneficiaries in Extension 19, Atteridgeville on Tuesday.

The housing units, known as “The Mayoral Houses,” are the brainchild of former mayor Solly Msimanga, who decided in 2017 to sell the mansion that he was supposed to live in as the City’s first citizen and use the proceeds thereof to build houses for 40 disabled people in the City of Tshwane.

“Former mayor Solly Msimanga sold the mansion he was supposed to live in for R5,1 million and that money was used to build the houses that we are handing out to disabled beneficiaries of Extension 19 in Atteridgeville today,” said MMC for Human Settlements Ofentse Madzebatela.

Madzebatela revealed that the housing project suffered a delay before being completed due to shoddy workmanship by the previous contractor who duped the city into believing that he could carry out the task of building the houses.

Madzebatela described the building of the houses as a milestone because they are far much better than the situation wherein the beneficiaries used to live in previously.

He acknowledged the fact that there are structural defects in the newly built houses that include toilets built outside the houses instead of inside them and non-functioning drainage system.

“A shack, wherein most of the disabled beneficiaries used to live in, does not have dignity and the beneficiaries must therefore appreciate the brick-and-mortar houses that have been allocated to them,” said Madzebatela, adding that the Municipality would urgently fix the aforesaid defects.

He thanked Extension 19 Councilor and the local community leaders who protected the housing units from being invaded by rascals during the building stages.

City of Tshwane Cilliers Brink cut out a ribbon during the hand over of the houses in Atterigdville, Tshwane

Madzebatela also thanked the Human Settlements team of the City of Tshwane for its tireless work regarding the completion of construction of the houses and revealed that he had been a nuisance to the team as he always bugged them to finish the construction of the houses expeditiously.

Madzebatela admitted that the area needs construction of roads and that the City of Tshwane Human Settlements Department will look into the matter of securing funds in this financial to design roads for Extension 19.

“I believe this project is true value for money with the City getting rid of a non-priority
asset in order to support and empower our residents with 40 low-cost houses.

The beneficiaries now have a home with their dignity restored,” said city of Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink.

He said there are still many challenges in Atteridgeville Ext 19 which include more effective
waste removal services, storm water drainage systems and better roads.

These issues will be addressed over time but for now we have delivered on our promise to provide
housing to identified beneficiaries. The area has about 219 stands and the City is working”

One of the residents of the “Mayoral Houses,” Annietjie Fisher (73) told the media that it’s the first time that she has become a homeowner and that her life has become “double better.”

Fisher lives with her three children in the new house.

One of the City officials thanked the beneficiaries for their patience regarding the delayed completion of construction of the housing project.

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