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By Dimakatso Modipa

Two members of the most feared gang known as Boko Haram in Mamelodi, Tshwane were killed over the past weekend in two separate incidents and the third one survived the bullets wounds in the
early hours of Thursday.

The first incident of the weekend took place outside a pub in Mamelodi West and the other one
took place in section 17 also in Mamelodi East.

Thursday morning incident happened while the victim was allegedly driving out of his home in his
car to transport learners to school.

He was allegedly followed by a car without number plates whose occupants opened fire on him.

Miraculously, he managed to drive himself to the nearby police station with bullet wounds on his body and took refuge inside the police station until the assailants drove away.

According to a reliable source who wished to remain anonymous; the two gang members who were gunned down in two separate incidents over the past weekend were allegedly dealing in drugs.

They were allegedly responsible for collecting drug money and ordering drugs and making sure no one buys drugs outside Mamelodi.

They charged a 30% fee from the sellers.

They allegedly ensured that all people who sell drugs in Mamelodi only buy from Boko Haram.

“If the gang finds out that there is a person selling drugs and they are not buying from them then they would demand that person to buy drugs from them; failure to comply with their orders would results in death of the seller”.

“My heart is broken because many people who were selling drugs in Mamelodi were killed because they refused to pay 30% and refused to order drugs from them,” anonymous said.

The police have failed the people of Mamelodi starting from our local station, province and national and the war of the Boko Haram won’t end now, and police are not making any arrest regarding the killings.

It is alleged there is lots of speculation about the killings of the gang members.

It is alleged it is the rival gangs, some say John Wick has raised from the death and while some said Boko Haram gang members are killing each other.

Gauteng spokesperson Colonel Mavela Masondo only response to the murder that occurred in Mamelodi West, and he said the police opened a case of murder and they are investigating and motives of killing cannot be confirmed at this stage.

Police spokesperson did not respond to questions about the murder at Mamelodi east and the shooting that occur this morning.

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