ANC promised to fix the water crisis in Mamelodi

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By Dimakatso Modipa

“We promised the people of Mamelodi that we will take over and fix the water crisis as DA led coalition has failed the people of Mamelodi,” those were the words of ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa in a campaign rally in Mamelodi, Tshwane addressing residents about water crisis.

African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa was accompanied by Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi and other ANC delegates at a campaign rally in Mamelodi, Tshwane on Sunday 4 February.

The ANC presidents and members went around on a campaign rally engaged with the people of Mamelodi and handing out ANC T-shirts.

Many residents complained about the water crisis, unemployment, high estimated municipality bill amongst others.

President Cyril Ramaphosa started his campaign rally in ward 17 Mamelodi east by doing door to door and listening to people complain.

He then proceeded to Mams mall in Mahube.

The mall came to a standstill and shoppers stopped doing their shopping and engaged with the president about their problems they are experiencing in Mamelodi.

Young kids from 5 years old were so happy to see him and some took selfies with him and shaking his hands.

Some workers ditched work just to see him and shake his hands.

He also took an opportunity and visited 3 families in ward 67 Mamelodi west who lost their loved one in exile.

His last stop was at ward 38 Mamelodi west at Kingsley hostel where he engaged with hostel dwellers about their problems and toured the hostel.

“I’m so disappointed to hear that the people of Mamelodi can’t get access to basic needs like water.

This is an urgent matter and that is why we are handing this matter of water crisis to the provincial government and National government to take over and deal with it,” President Ramaphosa said addressing the supporters.

Ramaphosa says he has not seen any good governance in the area.

Since he arrived in Mamelodi he has not seen cleanliness but only rubbish all over the streets.

President Ramaphosa addressing hostel dwellers told them that he toured the place and it is not in a good condition and he promised to come back and sit down with them and engage with them about their problems at the hostel and how the government can help.

Pensioner Anna Makitla (79) said she is very happy with the visit of the president and she hope his visit will solve their water crisis.

“We have 3 years our taps running dry and our toilets are stinky inside the house because there is no water.

We can’t rely on water tankers while we have taps in our yard, please Mr President give us water,” Makitla said.

“I’m happy that the President came and visited us,I support the ANC cause I came far with the ANC.

I can’t walk long distances and carry a 20 litre bucket of water every day at my age and all I want is water Mr President, pls”Elsie Poo (67) said.

He said ANCYL president Collen Malatjie said there is a high increase of young people who want to vote and they want to vote for the ANC because of the good work the ANC has done.

“This municipality led by DA coalition has collapsed, there is no water, criminals are doing as they pleased and it is a crime zone.

When ANC was governing Tshwane it was better and we have a good track record.

“We are here to revive this record and remind people of Mamelodi that here in Tshwane they are led by DA not ANC and
what they did for the past years for not voting for ANC today they are paying the price,” Malatjie said.

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